Page Last updated on:4th March 2015
Dikiling Manilakhang (1966 A.D)
This Manilakhang is located at Dikiling village near Pakyong Bazaar, East Sikkim. It was built in 1966 A.D. The land for the Gonpa was donated by a devotee of Dikiling named Gyatso Kazi. Before this Manilakhang existed the villagers had to walk a very long distance to Kathok Gonpa, which was very  inconvenient. The structure delapidated over the decades and was dismantled in 2002.
 Presently it is being rebuilt with a three storied building to convert it to full-fledged Gonpa. It has 40 monks and 14 Nyamos. It follows Nyingmapa Sect and affiliated to Kathok Gonpa.
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